Rehabilitation Team

Fiona graduated as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1994 and worked in the NHS and private sports clinics until 1997. Her interest lay within the orthopaedic and outpatient sectors where sports injuries are common. Fiona underwent... more»
Charlotte qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1993 and was working in the NHS and private sports injury clinics. Charlotte is a member of ACPAT, and has been treating animals since 1995. Her post graduate studies have... more»
Lynn qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1989 and trained as a Veterinary Physiotherapist in 2008.  She has worked for the NHS, in private clinics and abroad for the armed services. Her interests lie in... more»
Dietrich grew up on a family farm in the USA and qualified as a veterinary surgeon at the University of Georgia in 1982. He practiced in Maryland at a referral equine hospital before moving to the UK in 1986. During his time in... more»

The Hydrotherapy Team

Our team of qualified hydrotherapists, led by Amie Slade, work tirelessly alongside our physios in our magnificent indoor, heated hydrotherapy pool with gentle sloping ramp which minimises stress and discomfort for our patients.

Each patient is introduced to the pool slowly and gently with two assistants in the water to start with. Our team are always in the water alongside the animals and quickly build up a rapport with them in the relaxed, warm atmosphere.

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