Bruce’s Story – Urinary Stones

Bruce, a canine patient treated for urinary stones

Bruce is a very handsome Staffie cross, almost 5 years old, who was referred to our soft tissue service for surgical removal of stones in his urethra and bladder.

He is a big strong boy who doesn’t usually show signs of discomfort but his mum and dad noticed something was wrong when he started having trouble urinating – he would cock his leg to urinate but he was only able to produce a few drops each time.

Bruce did not appear to be in any distress but the sight of blood in his urine prompted his family to seek advice from his local vet.

Infection was ruled out first, and then radiographs and an ultrasound showed the presence of multiple stones in the urinary tract. One stone in particular was lodged within the bone in his penis and was causing most of the discomfort. Bruce’s local vet advised for these to be removed surgically and decided it would be best to refer him to Fitzpatrick Referrals right away.

Radiograph showing a dog's urinary stones

Radiograph showing Bruce’s urinary stones.

Bruce was seen by specialist Professor Nick Bacon and Surgical Resident Dr Nuria Comas who dislodged the stone in the penis by catheterising him and using water propulsion to flush it back up into the bladder.

Urinary stones removed from a dog

Bruce’s urinary stones surgically removed at Fitzpatrick Referrals.

The next step was to go to surgery and open the bladder where they removed about 30 stones. A tiny flexible camera was then passed up the penis and along the urethra all the way into the bladder to ensure no stones were missed.

Once the surgeons were satisfied, the bladder was sutured closed. Castration was performed as a final precautionary measure as entire males are more likely to form certain types of stones.

The stones were sent to an external lab for analysis.

Bruce was monitored at our hospital for 48 hours whilst recovering to make sure he was urinating well, that his bladder was not leaking internally, and that he was as pain-free as possible.

After a few days of recovering, he felt a lot better and was happy to return home to his mum and dad!

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