Louis’ Story – Dog bite trauma

Miniature Pinscher Louis with RVN Ellie

Meet Louis, an adorable eight-year-old Miniature Pinscher who has been an inpatient at our oncology and soft tissue hospital in Guildford and is under the care of Surgical Resident Nuria Comas.

Little Louis was sadly attacked in the park whilst out walking with his family, by two large dogs. These bites resulted in four large wounds, one on his right forelimb, one to his right axilla (armpit), one on his left thigh and one on his right rump.

Under general anaesthetic, the team debrided the wounds and closed the areas that they could. A Penrose drain was placed in the axilla and in the right rump to prevent fluid accumulation. Louis stayed at the hospital for a few days to have daily bandage changes.

Miniature Pinscher Louis at home recovering

Miniature Pinscher Louis at home recovering after surgery at Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue.

Sadly dog bites are something both our referral hospitals see on a regular basis. The team will be monitoring Louis for the next few weeks while his wounds slowly heal, to help make sure there is no infection, keep him comfortable and to continue changing his bandages.

Louis’s recovery will be slow, but he has become the best of friends with the team and has been enjoying his regular cuddles from the nurses!

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