Maggie’s Story – Inflammatory Bowel Disease

18 month old Cavapoo

Meet Maggie, an 18-month-old Cavapoo, who is seeing Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr Magda Gerou-Ferriani to manage her inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Until five months ago, Maggie was enjoying life to the fullest. Then things changed as she began to have bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea. At first, it was happening about every six weeks, and then once a month. Her mum tried various diets to no avail and unfortunately, it got to the point where Maggie was becoming ill every couple of weeks.

She was referred to our Guildford hospital for a consultation with Magda, who recommended a full work-up, including blood work, imaging and a GI scope with biopsies.

The endoscopy revealed chronic inflammation of her digestive tract and tissue samples were sent to an external laboratory for analysis. The results were consistent with IBD – a complex disease which depends on the interaction between the local immune system, the gut microbiome and the diet.

Medication to control the inflammation, a good population of healthy gut bacteria and adequate diet are the cornerstones of treatment.

With this in mind, Maggie has started a course of medication to bring down the inflammation, while addressing her diet – the ultimate goal being to be able to manage her condition with diet alone.

We are very happy with Maggie’s progress and look forward to seeing her cute face again in a few weeks!

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