Violet’s Story – Hernia repair

Chihuahua following hernia repair surgery

Meet Violet, a three-year-old Chihuahua who has had a tiny umbilical hernia since she was a puppy.

Her mum described it as small, flat and pink and of no concern. In the month prior to her referral, however, the hernia suddenly grew and seemed to turn a blueish-brown colour.

Concerned, Violet’s mum asked their local vet to refer her to our soft tissue service to have the hernia repaired.

On the day of her consultation, she met with Senior Surgeon Dr Laurent Findji, who examined little Violet and discussed the situation, the main concern being whether it was a loop of intestine that had protruded through the hernia.

Laurent Findji, Senior Surgeon Oncology & Soft Tissue, Fitzpatrick Referrals

Specialist Dr Laurent Findji, DMV MS DiplECVS MRCVS

Violet was scheduled in for surgery the following week.

Laurent and Surgical Resident Ivan Kalmukov repaired the hernia, removing the necrotic tissue and also removing a small mammary mass that was discovered incidentally during the procedure.

The hernia contents and the mammary mass were sent to an external lab for analysis, and Violet was then placed under the care of the nursing team while she recovered from the anaesthesia.

Chihuahua following hernia repair surgery

Chihuahua Violet enjoying a cuddle with an auxiliary during her stay with us.

After a night in our hospital ward, she was able to be discharged to her family. They were thrilled to hear that the mammary mass came back from the laboratory as benign, and the sample from the hernia was merely fatty tissue.

Violet continues to recover well at home and we look forward to seeing her for her post-op check soon!

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