Wellington’s story – multiple intervertebral disc protrusions & spinal surgery

Basset Hound sitting on the floor with vet and family

Neurology Resident Dr Natalie West with Basset Hound patient Wellington and his family.

We said a fond farewell to sweet Basset Hound Wellington recently, after a 16-day stay with us, he was ready to return home.

Eight-year-old Wellington has been recovering from spinal surgery for the last two weeks and had quite a fan club amongst the team with his happy tail wag and loveable nature!

Wellington was referred as an emergency for investigations after he became unable to walk after another dog launched at him and he became entangled in his lead. An MRI scan showed multiple intervertebral disc protrusions with spinal cord compression. Under the care of Neurology Resident Natalie West, Wellington had a mini hemilaminectomy surgery to remove the disc material from the worse affected vertebrae (L3-L4).

MRI scan of 8 year old Basset Hound's spine

Sagittal T2W MRI image of Wellington’s thoracolumbar spine.

MRI scan of 8 year old Basset Hound's spine

An MRI scan of Wellington’s spine, showing a T2W transverse slice at the level of the L3/L4 intervertebral disc- the worst affected vertebra.

During his stay with us, Wellington’s recovery was aided with the help of our rehabilitation team who gave him daily physiotherapy. The aims of his physiotherapy treatment was to promote healing, reduce inflammation, maintain range of movement, increase his use and strength of his pelvic limbs and general mobility, as well as proprioception. He also enjoyed a few sessions on the underwater treadmill.

Wellington now returns home to continue his recovery, before he can resume his role as popular pub dog at his parent’s pub in Gloucestershire.

Get well soon Wellington!

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