Veterinary Care Assistants & Surgical Technicians

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VCAs & Surgical Technicians

Ward Veterinary Care Assistants

Our ward veterinary care assistants are responsible for the dedicated care of all the patients who are admitted to the practice.

It is their role to ensure that each patient’s stay is comfortable and their environment is a haven of healing. The ward VCA team walk, feeds, cleans and grooms patients whilst they are in the hospital.

Veterinary Care Assistant clipping a canine patient for surgery

Prep Veterinary Care Assistants

The prep veterinary case assistants work closely with our prep nursing team and are integral to the efficient and smooth flow of patients through our prep area, where animals have investigations performed and are prepared for surgery.

They are also friendly faces to our patients, providing them with reassuring comfort and fuss before they are prepared for their procedures or investigations.

Surgical Technicians

Our surgical technicians are responsible for the critical task of overseeing all of the surgical instruments in the practice, including some of the practice’s most valuable equipment. They are in charge of cleaning, packaging and sterilising the surgical instruments, ready for each patient’s surgery.

Surgical Technician cleaning surgical tools and equipment


Our pharmacy team is on hand to ensure our clinicians have access to all the medications and supplies that your patient may need during their visit, from surgery and post-op recovery, as well as to provide you with repeat prescriptions once they are home.


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