Pet owners

Every animal friend deserves the best chance we can give them of a pain-free quality of life, but we will never advise treatment just because it is possible, only if it is right for them at that moment in time.

Welcome to the Fitzpatrick family

Every patient who comes through our doors will be treated with the same love and respect as if it were our own family member. We help families understand the role they can play in choosing the right treatment for their animal companions, even before they are referred to a specialist.

When you do come to us, you are part of every step in your animal companion’s journey.

Your visit

All veterinary treatment can be a difficult time for both animal and family. We strive to make the experience as seamless, comfortable, and reassuring as possible for all concerned.

How to be referred?

If you and your primary care vet feel that your pet has a condition which is beyond the scope or expertise of what can reasonably be achieved in general practice, then a referral to a specialist is appropriate.

Referral by primary care vet

A referral can only be made by your primary care vet, who will provide us with all the medical information we require in order to treat your pet and discuss the possible solutions with you when an appointment has been made.

Further information

You will find some useful information about your time at Fitzpatrick Referrals below and some handy suggestions for local places to stay or eat, but do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions you have.

Payment options

We are determined to deliver the best for every animal and their family. That does not make us exclusive, expensive, or elite. Our fees reflect the quality of our service and our expertise and are comparable to other practices.

Repeat prescriptions

Find out more about our prescription services.

Local places

In preparation for your visit to Fitzpatrick Referrals, here are our suggestions for places to stay and eat in the local area.

Thanks to the dedication of everyone at Fitzpatrick Referrals, Ralphie’s quality of life is now second to none.



Cat blood bank

Could your cat be the lifeline one of our feline patient’s needs by donating blood in an emergency?
Due to our usual feline blood supplier closing and a shortage of cat blood in Europe, Fitzpatrick Referrals Orthopaedics and Neurology is now looking to build a register of local cats we can call on to donate blood in an emergency situation.

Explore veterinary glossary

Unfamiliar with your veterinarian’s terminology? Look no further than our Veterinary glossary! Explore our vast collection of frequently used veterinary terms, accompanied by concise and easily understandable explanations. It’s the perfect resource to help you decode and make sense of the jargon used by your vet.



Here are some of the common questions we receive at Fitzpatrick Referrals – if your question is not answered, please get in touch and we will be happy to help!

Can I contact Fitzpatrick Referrals directly to treat my pet?

No, referrals can only be arranged through your veterinary surgeon and we are unable to accept a referral directly from members of the public or to give advice to pet owners on cases that have not been referred to us for review or treatment.

If you feel that your animal friend might benefit from a specialist opinion then you should contact your own veterinary surgeon/practice who can help you arrange a referral. It may be that your vet feels referral is not necessary, but this does not mean that we cannot be of help to your primary care vet and you as we offer an advice service to veterinary surgeons as well as radiograph reporting and case reviews.

I have an appointment booked. Can I choose who I see?

Due to the number of referrals we deal with on a weekly basis, we are unable to guarantee exactly which clinician you will see. All cases are triaged and organised according to severity of the case, which will also dictate who the most suitable clinician is to treat your animal friend. Please be assured that all our specialists are world-class in their speciality and all our clinicians work collaboratively, so though you may only see one clinician, most patients will benefit from the skill and knowledge of multiple practitioners.