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Fitzpatrick Referrals' Rehabilitation Team Leader Fiona Doubleday
Fiona Doubleday
Chartered Physiotherapist

Fitzpatrick Referrals believes that good rehabilitation is integral to the success of many orthopaedic, neurological, and a variety of soft tissue conditions. Intervention promotes mobility, reduces pain, inflammation and reduces the overall rate of recovery.

We are the only centre in the UK with an in-house team of chartered physiotherapists for both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation needs. In addition to our team of physiotherapists, we also have a dedicated team of hydrotherapists, all of whom work closely together as one united clinical team to ensure that patients have the most effective recovery possible.

Just like in humans, animal physiotherapy aims to improve joint range of motion and aids the return of muscle function following injury or surgery. Physiotherapy and hydrotherapy do not solely serve a recovery purpose but can be an integral part of an animal’s regular exercise programme in the management of weight loss, improved cardiovascular function and overall wellbeing.

Patient Referrals

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Rehabilitation referrals

Our rehabilitation service is delighted to offer physiotherapy and/or hydrotherapy on an outpatient basis with a referral from your primary care vet.

This service does not require your pet to have been treated by any of our service clinicians. Each new outpatient referral will have an initial consultation with one of our chartered physiotherapists so an appropriate treatment plan can be designed according to your pet’s needs.



Through the dedication of our chartered physiotherapists and hydrotherapists we are able to treat a variety of clinical conditions. Some of which are performed routinely and some of which require more bespoke intervention.


Patient stories

Our stories below give an insight into some of our patients and their journey while having rehabilitation treatment at Fitzpatrick Referrals.

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