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Fitzpatrick Referrals Orthopaedics, Neurology and Cardiology

Our prices remain highly competitive as we strive to ensure that genuine value is always delivered to every client. If you would like an estimate for your client, for a procedure not on the list please call to discuss.

All surgical estimates include the initial consultation, imaging and hospitalisation based on the average stay for the selected procedure. Surgery costs include anaesthesia and standard implants. Additional fees may be charged for additional hospitalisation, further investigations and additional procedures if necessary. A more accurate estimate of costs will be given at the initial consultation. Prices include VAT.

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Initial orthopaedic consultation£210
Repeat orthopaedic consultation£115
Initial neurological consultation£265
Repeat neurological consultation£145
Cardiology consultation£230
Emergency supplement£105
Cruciate rupture: TPLO/TTA
25 – 40kg£4000
Elbow: fragmented coronoid process
CT and unilateral arthroscopy£3200
CT and bilateral arthroscopy£3600
Elbow: humeral intracondylar fissure
CT and unilateral screw placement£3200 – £3600
CT and bilateral screw placement£4200 – £4600
Pancarpal arthrodesis
Dog£4200 – £5000
Pantarsal arthrodesis
Dog£4500 – £5000
Cat£4000 – £5000
Medial patellar luxation£2800 – £3300
Total Hip Replacement (non-custom implants)£6500 – £8000
Hip Luxation: toggle£3500 – £4000
Fracture repair
Simple£2000 – £3000
Moderate£3000 – £4000
Complex£4000 – £6000
Hemilaminectomy£4500 – £5000
Cervical hemilaminectomy£4700 – £5500
Ventral slot£4700
Lumbosacral epidural
Course of treatment£2900
Single injection£630
Lumbosacral distraction fusion£7000
Cervical distraction fusion£7000
Advanced imaging
MRI scan (single area including GA)£1900
CT scan (single area including sedation/GA)£950
CT scan (additional area)£200
Puppy or kitten heart murmur investigation*
*Asymptomatic patients less than 6 months of age.
Echocardiography (colour Doppler study, including detailed written report)£510
ECG digital recording (including interpretation & report)£180
HDO Blood Pressure Measurement£65
Holter 24h recording (including interpretation & report)£380
Holter 48h recording (including interpretation & report)£440
Thoracic radiographs and report£275
Palliative Abdominocentesis (consumables additional)£200
Palliative Thoracocentesis (consumables additional)£250
Palliative Pericardiocentesis (consumables additional)£350

Last updated July 2020

Refunds for RSA insurance penalty fees

Fitzpatrick Referrals will reimburse the additional excess free levied by insurance policies underwritten by RSA Insurance Group to ensure clients are not penalised unfairly for having their pet treated at our referral hospitals. Read more about Fitzpatrick Referrals policy for the RSA Referral Vet Network.

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