Fitzpatrick Referrals veterinary professionals kneeling with dog

Fitzpatrick Referrals launches unique loyalty scheme for referring veterinary practices

Published 08.05.24

Reward scheme launched

Fitzpatrick Referrals has announced today a reward scheme that will enable their regular referrers to grant a pro bono case to a client of their choosing for every 15 cases referred to the Surrey-based orthopaedic and neurology hospital.

The scheme will reward regular referrers by allowing them to gift a client in need of financial assistance a referral procedure up to the value of £5,000*.

Hospital Director Nicola Bromley said:

We recognise the challenge it is for families who may need specialist care for their animal friend but are unable to find the necessary funds. We highly value the relationship we have with our referring vets in providing options to their clients, and we hope this scheme will empower them to give hope to those who need it most.
We are committed to supporting our referring primary care vets through collaboration, to make the whole sector as good as it can be for every animal.

The new scheme will be activated immediately, with referrals from January 2024 being applied, meaning practices and primary care vets who already refer to Fitzpatrick Referrals can benefit from this scheme instantly.

As an independent specialist practice with an ambition of investing in the future of veterinary medicine for the betterment of all animals at its core, Fitzpatrick Referrals hopes that this unique scheme will stand out in an ever more competitive market, and encourage new referrers to take advantage of the reward whilst finding out more about the world-class standard of care Fitzpatrick Referrals has to offer.

Please note that the scheme is for primary care vets only, and the primary care vet is the sole decider of the beneficiary. Fitzpatrick Referrals is not involved in the decision and clients cannot directly apply.

*Terms and conditions apply.
  • The money needs to be used in one referral procedure i.e. not for ongoing chronic cases for rehabilitation therapy.
  • It needs to be a new referral.
  • We won’t judge the reasons for the pro bono referral – this is the choice of the primary care vet.
  • Any amount over £5,000 will be the responsibility of the client – the financing of this will be treated as usual by the finance team.
  • Pro bono case treatment exclusions apply for custom implants, tertiary referrals, total hip replacements and rehabilitation.
  • Amounts under £5,000 cannot be transferred to another case or refunded.
  • If the case doesn’t progress to advanced imaging or is not suitable for surgery the money cannot be transferred to another patient or refunded.
  • Fitzpatrick Referrals reserves the right to stop the promotion at any point but will honour referrals already booked.
  • Referrals numbers will be calculated on cases physically seen by the orthopaedic and neurology team since the 1st Jan 2024. Rehabilitation referrals are excluded.
  • Practices will be reminded when they have reached the target number of referrals by email and phone.
  • The pro bono case must be seen within six months of reaching the 15th referral target and cannot be transferred to another practice within a group.

If you have any questions, please get in touch at [email protected]