Our Team: Patient Care Team

Surgical Technician Team

Our surgical technician team is responsible for the critical task of overseeing all of the surgical instruments in the practice, including some of the practice’s most valuable equipment. They are…

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Ward Nurse Team

We have a dedicated team of ward nurses at Fitzpatrick Referrals who are responsible for providing round-the-clock care to each and every patient who is referred to us. Throughout the…

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Prep Nurse team

Fitzpatrick Referrals prep nurse team is the first point of contact your animal will have following their consultation with the clinician. The prep nurse team has an extremely important role…

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Ward Veterinary Care Assistants

Our ward veterinary care assistants (VCAs) are responsible for the dedicated care of all the patients who are admitted to the practice. It is their role to ensure that each…

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Intern team

Our team of interns are made up of veterinary surgeons that have decided to devote one year of their life to working at Fitzpatrick Referrals with the sole aim of…

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