Mabel’s condylar fracture repair

One-year-old Cavapoo Mabel came to Fitzpatrick Referrals Orthopaedics and Neurology as a young puppy back in the summer of 2018.

Happy Cavapoo patient 1 year after surgery

Sadly, she’d been abandoned in Swindon with a condylar fracture to her left elbow and was due to be euthanised. Fortunately, a caring lady called Victoria Hogg – herself a vet – heard about her plight and straightaway organised for Mabel to be signed over to her care in London so she could arrange for her to be treated.

Looking back at Mabel’s story – one year on

Mabel was referred to us and within 24 hours was under the care of Senior Clinician Miguel Solano, who carried out the surgery to repair her left condylar fracture.

Returning to her new foster home, Victoria took great care of Mabel whilst she recovered from her ordeal. Victoria said:

She stayed with my family as a foster for three months until her forever home was found. She is now described by her new family as nothing less than “a ray of sunshine”. She is such a well-rounded, confident little dog, quite amazing with all she experienced so young. She stole my heart too but with two dogs of my own, one nearly 16 years old, I had my hands full.

Cavapoo dog recovering from surgery with her canine pal

Victoria, now founder of The London Vet, remains in contact with Mabel and her new family, regularly joining them on walks and is affectionately known as her official “dogmother.” So one year on from Mabel’s surgery, we were delighted to receive these photo updates showing how well little Mabel is doing.

One year on enjoying life with her family

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