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Milo’s bouncing back after a nasty break!

Adorable bunny rabbit Milo was brought to our practice by his family to see Alex, our second year surgical resident, with an injury to his left hind limb.


His family suspected he jumped off the top of his cage and landed awkwardly. Radiographs showed that Milo had fractured his femur.


The radiographs revealed an oblique, closed, severely displaced mid-diaphyseal left femoral fracture. Multiple fissure lines are seen in the distal fragment; including a transcondylar one. 


Surgical repair of the fracture was performed with a lateral 2.4mm Synthes locking plate in combination with a cranial 2.0mm compression screw distally, a 2.4mm transcondylar compression screw and a cerclage wire. 

The fractured repair was carried out by Surgical Resident Alex in combination with Senior Surgeon Mr Michael Farrell.


Six weeks post-surgery everything had healed perfectly and Milo was back to his old self.

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