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Sunny’s rotating hinge total knee replacement

Loyal Tibetan terrier, nine-year-old Sunny, originally came to Fitzpatricks after previous knee surgery elsewhere had failed.

Sunny was affected by an auto-immune condition that attacked the ligaments and membranes of his joints, such that his knees were collapsing and his wrists too were affected. He was having great difficulty even standing, let alone walking. 

Fitzbionics innovation

At Fitzbionics, we developed a rotating hinge total knee replacement which restores knee function even when all of the ligaments are damaged. 3D-printed guides allow the removal of the bottom of the femur and the top of the tibia. The marrow cavities were filled with cement which immediately fixed stems of both femoral and tibial implants, into which bone grew over time.  A unique hinge mechanism mounted on an axle and a spigot allowed both of his knees to flex, extend and rotate, whilst avoiding dislocation. 

The surgery


 Sunny went from a life of constant pain to a new lease of a happy life, which brought incredible joy to his family who loved him beyond words.

Sunny is a much-loved member of our family and has taught us many life lessons, we love him unconditionally. We are forever grateful for the technologies offered at Fitzpatrick’s, giving us hope and love and always considering what is in the best interest for Sunny.


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