Our heated pool has a long sloping ramp for easy access and our patients swim individually with one or two therapists in the water, following an exercise programme designed by our physiotherapists specifically for that patient.

We find hydrotherapy to be a very useful tool in the rehabilitation of dogs and cats with a variety of orthopaedic problems, for post-operative recovery, to ease arthritis, to increase mobility generally and as an integral part of a weight loss programme.

Despite the fact that cats are not naturally water lovers, we have been swimming cats successfully now for several years and find it can be a useful adjunct to the physiotherapy they would normally receive following surgery.

Our hydrotherapy sessions are available daytime, evenings and weekends and we also offer post-operative boarding facilities for those cases requiring intensive rehabilitation

Our Hydrotherapy Pool is open to all, without the need for a referral to one of our vets.

For direct referrals please contact us on 01483 423761.

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