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Fitzpatrick Referrals has an integrated approach to rehabilitation with each of our patients receiving a unique programme.

FREE Radiograph reporting service


A free service to support Primary Care Clinicians in providing the highest level of care for their patients

Advanced diagnostic imaging


Outpatient ADI gives you access to affordable and advanced veterinary MRI and CT imaging.

Latest News

Noel Fitzpatrick lecturing at The Veterinary Orthopaedic Society Conference in the USA

 This week Noel returns to the annual Veterinary Orthopaedic Society Conference in Idaho, USA, providing the latest data on three new surgical techniques that he has invented and one...

New Hydrotherapy offering at Fitzpatrick Referrals as new underwater treadmill is installed

As the Rehabilitation department continues to go from strength to strength we have added a state of the art under water treadmill to our rehabilitation offering. The underwater treadmill allows...

Fitzpatrick Referrals celebrate Residents Miguel and Alex's success in becoming European Specialists in Small Animal Surgery

After three years of dedicated training, several months of revision, learning a 2000 page surgical text from cover to cover and reading over 1200 scientific papers, Miguel Solano and Alex Caron, our...

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