Australian Science Week – Noel Fitzpatrick lectures in Surfer’s Paradise and Sydney

Published 24.06.10

Lecture Itinerary for Australia

Thursday 1st July – Monday 5th July

  1. Aetiopathogenic postulates of developmental elbow disease
  2. Treatment algorithm for developmental elbow disease – SCO, BURP, PUO
  3.  Treatment algorithm for developmental elbow disease – OC implants – autogenous and synthetic
  4. New thoughts on repair and salvage of the carpus and metacarpus – acutrak, DCOI, PAWS 
  5. New thoughts on salvage and repair of tarsus and metatarsus incl FitzPANTA and minimally invasive PARTA
  6. Current concepts in management of DED – SHO
  7. Experiences with TATE and Iowa TER
  8. Orthopaedic Surgical Rescue – What to do when Plan A Sucks!
  9. Pelvic fractures – is a cat like a small dog?
  10. The feline hip – from medical management to surgical salvage and beyond
  11. SPIDER for MT and MC fractures – are pins better than plates?
  12. Elbow and stifle disease in the cat – from disruption to salvation and everything in between
  13. Overview of treatment algorithm for antebrachial growth deformities
  14. DAPPER Frame and DOME osteotomy
  15. BOD PUO and UAP
  16. IOHC and recalcitrant elbow fractures