Noel Fitzpatrick to speak at this year’s annual Technology in Medicine and Surgery Conference

Published 14.03.12

Noel Fitzpatrick has been invited to speak at the Imperial College School of Medicine’s 3rd annual Technology in Medicine and Surgery Conference (TiMS) on Sunday 19th March.

The TiMS ethos is to inspire the next generation of medical innovators and to expose them to the frontiers of medical technology and innovation.

Imperial College London itself has more than 5000 pairs of eyes in the form of students able to spot problems or improvements needed in hospitals, patient care and research environments. However, they might not have the engineering, computing, design, technological, business skills that are necessary to create a solution to that clinical problem. TiMS aims to foster a culture of always seeking to improve on the status quo by interdisciplinary collaborations, where students and professionals from various disciplines bring their skills and expertise to the table to solve a common problem.

This year’s event will inspire students through a series of lectures and an innovation competition in which delegates will pitch their ideas to a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style expert panel of judges, including Dr Fitzpatrick.