Fitzpatrick Referrals welcomes new specialist in neurology

Published 11.11.13

Clare Rusbridge, who has been accepting neurology referrals from the South East of England and beyond for the past twenty years, joined Fitzpatrick Referrals as our new Chief of Neurology in September.

Clare has been a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Recognised Specialist in Neurology for fifteen years and was awarded a PhD in 2007. Clare is recognised internationally for her work on syringomyelia and has pioneered the diagnosis and treatment this painful and debilitating disease. Clare sits on The Dog Advisory Council (The Advisory Council on the issues of Dog Breeding) and in 2011 was awarded the J. A. Wight Memorial Award at BSAVA for her work in this field.

Clare will be taking on a role as Reader of Veterinary Neurology at the newly created University of Surrey Veterinary School with the new intake in 2014. Working at Fitzpatrick Referrals, she will receive referrals and oversee our extended commitment to neurology.

Clare will be taking referrals for all neurology cases including epilepsy management, treatment of vestibular syndrome, syringomyelia, brain tumours and spinal disease, as well as continuing her work with Lafora’s Disease in dachshunds.

Clare is looking forward to the research spirit at Fitzpatricks and embracing the One Medicine ethos that is central to our practice. In particular Clare is looking forward to continuing with her ground-breaking investigation into Feline Oral Pain Syndrome (FOPS) and her new pioneering work with polymyositis and other autoimmune diseases in the Hungarian Vizsla, along with other continued investigations into genetic neurological diseases.

Clare will be working with the neurology team at Fitzpatricks towards an effective treatment and means of prevention of FOPS and an easier and earlier diagnosis of polymyositis in Vizslas coupled with a more effective treatment.

We are now accepting referrals to our expanded neurology service. To refer a case or to speak to Clare, please call us on 01483 423761.