All Creatures Great and Small

Published 02.02.14

Our Outpatient Advanced Diagnostic Imaging service is usually busy with cats and dogs but we had an unusual visitor a couple of weeks ago when Steve the Guinea Pig was referred to the service. Steve had been suffering from seizure like activity and his primary care vet and owners were keen to find out did he have anything wrong with his brain which may be causing the seizure activity. 

We carried out an MRI of Steve’s brain to check for lesions within his brain and then a quick CT of his skull to check for problems with his teeth and inner ears. Luckily for Steve no life-threatening pathology was identified, hopefully he will go on to make a full recovery without further problems.

We were delighted to be able to offer asssitance to Steve and our radiographer Eli thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of carrying out an MRI scan on such a small patient. To learn more about the Outpatient ADI Service visit our ADI web page.