Morgan goes home!

Published 21.02.14

We had tears of joy and also sadness at Fitzpatrick’s as much loved patient Morgan finally went home. Morgan came to Fitzpatricks neurology team in October with an ascending paralysis. With no warning he lost the use of his hind limbs and within 24 hours was unable to even lift his head! He had a condition called acute polyradiculoneuritis which is similar to a human condition called Gullain Barré syndrome (you can read more about the human condition here ).Knowing that many dogs can recover if given appropriate care, Morgan’s dedicated owners gave him that chance and very slowly Morgan regained strength and learnt to walk again.

It takes a tremendous team effort to nurse a dog like Morgan and here you can see his “squad”. The most important players are the nurses, physiotherapists and hydrotherapists and Morgan’s daily routine included swimming, exercises, massage and (very important!) cuddles.  Although it is hard work it gives us all such incredible satisfaction to see a paralysed dog finally walk out that door although we are so going to miss Morgan’s  waggy tail greeting and kisses every morning!

Meet our Neuro team:

Clare (Chief of Neurology)

Anna (Neurology Resident)

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