LIVE Q & A Fitz Forum on World Cancer Day – 4th February 2016

On Thursday 4th February between 6pm-7pm, we are inviting you to join us in a special online forum for World Cancer Day. Fitzpatrick Referrals will be hosting its first LIVE Q & A session for you to submit your animal cancer-related questions to two world authorities in veterinary oncology, Professor Nick Bacon and Dr Kelvin Kow of Fitzpatrick Referrals.

Professor Nick Bacon, Clinical Director of Oncology and Soft Tissue, said:

Animals get cancer too, but often the signs can be quite subtle. We have launched this forum to raise awareness of this fact

Whether you want to know what to look out for in your dog, cat or other small animal, learn about different types of cancer and what you can do to prevent it, or learn something new about our specialists; this is a special opportunity to find out more!

Dr Kelvin Kow said:

On this special World Cancer Day we wanted to offer this forum to mark World Cancer Day and to answer as many questions that you might have, to allow us to share our experiences with you

You can submit your questions live from 6pm tonight on the Fitz Forum or alternatively submit your question via Twitter or Facebook. The panel will answer as many questions as they can.

There is no rule as to what you can ask, here are some examples!

What are the most common cancers in pets?

Are there breeds of cats or dogs more likely to get cancer?

My pet has cancer… Is it game over?

Are there environmental factors that contribute to pet cancer? We live in Australia and I am worried about sun damage.

Should I get my pet regularly checked for cancer? If so, how often?

What is the most unusual animal that you have ever treated?

10 Things your animal would say if they had Cancer WCD16

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