Cancer hospital for animals lives up to promises as it reaches it’s first anniversary

I guarantee people will look back and say this was the moment that changed everything.  It was all about the animals and the people who loved them.

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick

With over 1,000 patients benefiting from the state-of-the-art services that were promised a year ago, the Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue team have plenty to celebrate as it approaches its first birthday on Friday 2nd September 2016.

Over a year ago the “dream team” of globally recognised experts in Oncology, Soft Tissue and Nursing were put together by Founder and Managing Director Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, who affirmed that the new hospital based in Guildford on Surrey Research Park would redefine cancer treatment and care for small animals.

Headed up by Clinical Director Professor Nick Bacon, the team promised that a game changing combination of factors were going to contribute to accelerating this hospital to the forefront of cancer care and treatment.

Nick said:

Our original aim was, and remains for the hospital to become the most advanced veterinary cancer centre in Europe offering all options to all patients at all times.

Dr. Laurent Findji, Soft Tissue Specialist added:

This new hospital was a blank canvas which left us free to implement the systems known to work and rethink those known not to. Today, our team has more than doubled in size but the energy is unchanged.

Some of the key achievements over the last year:

  1. Over 1,000 patients seen, treated and cared for
  2. C-Arm Fluroscope installed which has allowed the creation of a stenting programme for use in life threatening conditions
  3. C-Arm Fluroscope also to start interventional oncology treatments
  4. The launch of the Fitzpatrick Learning Academy Skills Lab as part of the goal to create a learning centre to teach, share and advance veterinary surgery and medicine
  5. International Cat Care award for the hospital with Gold Cat Friendly Clinic status
  6. Global recognition with key visits and tours for opinion leaders and interested parties from as far afield as Japan, Brazil, USA, Canada and Europe
  7. Meetings, collaboration and the sharing of expertise with human and radiation oncologists at The Royal Marsden, St Luke’s Hospital, The Royal Surrey Hospital and researchers in human oncology nationally
  8. Conducting cross-over research e.g. collaborating on refining a surgical device by treating animal cancer patients ahead of global launch for human patients
  9. Contributing to future cancer research through the planned creation of an animal bio archive of cancer specimens and tissues
  10. Confirmation of industry status with awards e.g. Front of House

Investing into the future

True to the ethos of Fitzpatrick Referrals in challenging the accepted norms of animal healthcare. The team are continuously looking for more options for pets suffering from cancer, which is the biggest killer of pets after trauma.

By 2017 Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue Centre plans to be the home of a linear accelerator (LINAC). A state-of-the art machine; that customises high energy beams of photons to conform to a tumours shape and destroy cancer cells, while protecting surrounding healthy tissue. We believe this would make Fitzpatrick Referrals the most advanced animal cancer treatment centre in the UK.

One year ago we were ‘talking the talk’ with our high ambitions for our brand new hospital.  One year later, we have enough evidence to show that we are achieving our goals and are now truly ‘walking the talk’.  We still have a way to go but our ambitions remain undiminished to create and sustain a unique, innovative and compassionate centre for cancer care in our pets.

Professor Stuart Carmichael


Fitzpatrick Referrals