Fitzpatrick Referrals staff preparing for VET Festival 2019

VET Festival 2019

Fitzpatrick Referrals has a number of staff giving lectures at VET Festival 2019, which is being held at Loseley Park in Surrey on 7th and 8th June.

VET Festival is two-day CPD conference for veterinary professionals with a difference…over 100 lectures take place in a unique outdoor environment, where learning, fun and the fresh outdoors come together. Hear global visionary speakers give innovative and easily applicable practical lectures, relevant to every member of your practice.

If you’re attending the event, do come along and hear the talks by our team (listed below in bold) and we welcome you to visit Fitzpatrick Referrals stand (stand 21).

Friday 7th June 2019

Orthopaedics tent

09:45 – 10:30  Juvenile and adult hip dysplasia: Diagnosis and treatment options. Sarah Girling

10:40 – 11:25  Hopeless hips? Changing perceptions for total hip replacement. Noel Fitzpatrick

16:10 – 16:55  Knobbly knees: Treating patellar luxation. Miguel Solano

Neurology & Neurosurgery tent

11:35 – 12:20  Wobbly decision-making for wobblers disease? Disc replacement vs fusion. Noel Fitzpatrick

13:25 14:10  Spinal lesions: Where’s the problem and what’s the best imaging method? Audrey Belmudes & Russ Tucker

Oncology tent

09:45 – 10:30  Precise tumour diagnosis through accurate imaging. Audrey Belmudes & Russ Tucker

11:35 – 12:20  Mast cell tumours: Choosing the right tool for the job. Michael Macfarlane

12:30 – 13:15  Chemotherapy in practice: Should I be recommending it? Iain Grant

14:20 – 15:05  Canine mammary tumours: From prevention to cure, and everything in between. Michael Macfarlane

Nursing tent

10:40 – 11:25  Nursing the brachycephalic airway patient from start to finish: Part one; Surgery and anaesthesia. Lucy Montague

16:10 – 16:55  Tips and techniques for optimal diagnostic imaging. Audrey Belmudes & Russ Tucker

Internal Medicine tent

10:40 – 11:25  P*ssed with difficult urinary imaging exams? Audrey Belmudes & Russ Tucker

Wellness & Practice Development tent

09:45 – 10:30  The place of emotion in veterinary medicine and compassion fatigue. Iain Grant

14:20 – 15:05  Managing the millennial generation: Why are they so different? Lucy Montague


Saturday 8th June 2019

Orthopaedics tent

09:45  Thoracic limb: Clinical examination. Sarah Girling

10:40 – 11:25  Thoracic imaging: Diagnostic tips and challenges. Audrey Belmudes & Russ Tucker

12:30 – 13:15  Knowing your ar*e from your elbow: Discussing elbow dysplasia with your client. Noel Fitzpatrick

13:25 – 14:10  Give pain the elbow: Treating developmental elbow disease. Noel Fitzpatrick

16:10 – 16:55  Wonky wrists: Treating the carpus. Miguel Solano

Neurology & Neurosurgery tent

16:10 – 16:55 Dogzheimers? Brain conditions of the older dog and cat. Clare Rusbridge

17:05 – 17:50  Chiari-like malformation associated pain and syringomyelia.  Clare Rusbridge

Soft Tissue Surgery tent

17:05 – 17:50  The leaking dog…new ways to fix the plumbing. Gerard McLauchlan

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