Veterinary pharmacy



Our pharmacy team is on hand to ensure our clinicians have access to all the medications and supplies that patients may need during their visit, from surgery and post-op recovery, as well as providing you with repeat prescriptions once at home if needed.

Throughout the day, the pharmacy team provides each patient with appropriate medications tailored by the clinicians. Communication is key in this role, especially between the vets, nurses, and pharmacy to ensure everyone has all their medications ready.

Our pharmacy is run by Hannah, who is a qualified and registered animal medicines advisor (RAMA).

Role of the pharmacy team

  • Responsible for the maintenance and organisation of the pharmacy.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the hospital is appropriately stocked with supplies at all times.
  • On hand to unpack pharmaceutical deliveries and stock.
  • To process and dispense medications under the direction of the clinicians and in line with regulations.
  • To maintain precise patient records through accurate notes.
  • Here to receive and process prescription orders.
  • To maintain the pharmacy department in line with current VMD regulations.
  • Communicating effectively with colleagues to ensure that each patient’s journey is safe and medicines are used efficiently and correctly.


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