Physiotherapist with a canine patient outside on grass



The physiotherapy team, managed by Fiona Doubleday, consists of seven dedicated Category A ACPAT physiotherapists (Association of Chartered Therapists in Animal Therapy) who offer a wealth of experience in veterinary physiotherapy.

We offer an inpatient service that attends to the rehabilitation needs of the patients referred to us during their hospital stay either post operatively or if being managed conservatively. All patients referred to us are sent home with a physiotherapy discharge appointment, during which our physiotherapists provide tailored advice to families about caring for the patient’s mobility needs once home, along with appropriate physiotherapy exercises.

Dog having physiotherapy on the grass post TPLO surgery
Physiotherapist Hannah carrying out an aligned sitting practice as part of the patient’s recovery exercises following TPLO surgery for cruciate ligament disease.

We also run outpatient clinics so we can follow up on the patient’s rehabilitation progress since returning home, and also treat outpatient cases referred directly to us direct from local primary care vets. Many of our patients remain under our care for maintenance therapy once their initial issue has resolved.

Veterinary physiotherapist walking a canine patient outside on the grass

Each day starts with a ward round with the wider clinical team so the physiotherapy team can receive updates about the animals in their care and then the day is balanced with inpatient and outpatient cases. Our physiotherapists additionally offer advice and support to the hydrotherapy team by way of a pre-hydro check before a patient begins their hydrotherapy journey and then ongoing “check-ins” to ensure a high standard of care is given at all times.


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