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Berry’s vestibular disease

Berry is an adorable 14-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Rescued at 4 years old, along with her litter sister Holly, Berry had been in good health until very recently, when she had the sudden onset of some worrying signs – loss of balance, vomiting, flicking eyes, a head tilt and inability to walk.

Cavlier King Charles Spaniel Berry Vestibular Disease

Berry’s vet referred her urgently to see one of our neurology specialists and following an MRI scan, her diagnosis was confirmed as peripheral (idiopathic geriatric) vestibular disease. Vestibular disease is one of the more common neurological disorders seen at Fitzpatricks, often found in older dogs, and is very similar to vertigo in humans.

Her treatment will involve medication, anti-vomiting drugs and a physiotherapy assessment for her rehabilitation, as patients with this disease often experience decreased joint movement, stiffness and muscle weakness due to inactivity, which can otherwise hinder a smooth recovery.

Cavlier King Charles Spaniel Berry Vestibular Disease

Berry’s family describe her as a timid, gentle and sincere dog, who’s always by their side. Sadly Berry lost her sister a few months ago to cancer and suffered some anxiety separation prior to her illness, however hopefully with time, medication and the love and support from her family, she should make a good recovery.

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