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Gibson’s pelvic fracture

Gibson is a gorgeous golden Labradoodle who last summer aged six months old, was sadly involved in a road traffic collision and was hit by a car.

He was urgently referred to Fitzpatrick Referrals Orthopaedics and Neurology practice in Eashing, Surrey, where he was seen by EBVS® European Specialist in Small Animal Surgery, Dr James Guthrie.

X-rays showed that Gibson had shattered his hip joint so he had emergency surgery the same day. The hip was reconstructed by Dr James Guthrie and surgery resident Dr Ivan Kalmukov.


Gibson at home recovering following surgery to repair his fractured hip joint, last summer.

Eight months later

Gibson’s family recently got in touch to share an update on how he’s doing, eight months later.

Thank you so much for fixing our beautiful Labradoodle, Gibson. He came to you with a virtually shattered pelvis and broken hip from being hit by a car, but you fixed him and built him a bionic pelvis plate that saved his life. He’s now able to run in the garden with his recovered pelvis and hip. He and we are very grateful.

Senior Surgeon in Orthopaedics, Dr James Guthrie said:

It’s fantastic to see that Gibson has made a great recovery and is enjoying life after sustaining such a bad injury.

Meet the surgeon: Dr James Guthrie.

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