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Harrison’s forelimb lameness

Much-loved staff dog Harrison is used to occasionally being at Fitzpatrick Referrals – usually found happily snoozing under his mum’s desk!

However recently, the six-year-old Flat Coated Retriever got to explore more of the practice as he was taken under the care of Orthopaedic Registrar Mario Coppola for further investigations into his left forelimb lameness.

Harrison was booked in for a CT scan of both forelimbs. Senior Anaesthesia Nurse Lottie, Prep VCA Emily and Radiographer Georgina prepared him for his scan with sedation and a whole lot of fuss. Our 160-slice CT scanner is super-fast, taking just a few minutes in total.

Dog being positioned by two veterinary staff for a CT scan
Harrison being prepared for his CT scan at Fitzpatrick Referrals.

CT scans showed signs of mineralisation and inflammation in Harrison’s left shoulder.

CT scans of Harrison’s left shoulder showing signs of mineralisation and inflammation.

Harrison was given a steroid injection into his shoulder to help reduce the inflammation, along with shockwave therapy to stimulate the body’s natural healing process, induce fragmentation of calcium deposits within the tendon and desensitise local nerve endings, causing a reduction in pain and symptoms.

Orthopaedic surgeon Mario Coppola giving Harrison a steroid injection.

For the next few weeks, Harrison will take it easy with short lead walks to help give his shoulder time to recover.

We look forward to seeing handsome Harrison back at the practice soon.

Veterinary Care Assistants making a fuss of Harrison in prep.

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