Aneurysmal bone cyst in the scapula of a young cat

Publication date 22nd July 2022
Authors Stefano Manca, L Mate de Haro, A Civello, J Marti


A 2-year and 6-month-old male neutered domestic long hair cat was referred for assessment of right thoracic limb lameness of approximately 3 months’ duration. Palpation of the right shoulder revealed a firm mass of approximately 6 cm diameter centred on the mid-body of the scapula. Computed tomography (CT) showed a lytic expansile mass on the caudo-dorsal aspect of the right scapula. Differential diagnoses included reactive or reparative processes, sarcoma-like lesions and aneurysmal bone cyst (ABC). Due to the potential for malignancy, a total scapulectomy was performed, and histopathology confirmed the final diagnosis of ABC. The patient recovered uneventfully from surgery, and 11 months following surgery showed a good return to function and an excellent level of comfort.