Bi‐Oblique Dynamic Proximal Ulnar Osteotomy in Dogs: Reconstructed Computed Tomographic Assessment of Radioulnar Congruence over 12 weeks


To evaluate radioulnar joint modification using computed tomography (CT) after bi-oblique dynamic proximal ulnar osteotomy (BODPUO).


Radioulnar space measurements were performed on transverse, frontal, and sagittal CT projections preoperatively and after radiographically determined osteotomy healing.


Three transverse plane measurements were statistically different than preoperatively at 12 weeks after the surgery demonstrating divergence of the lateral coronoid region of the radial incisure of the ulna from the radial head. None of the other measurements within the elbow were statistically different, but measurements of the radioulnar space at the level of the osteotomy site documented a statistically significant caudal tipping of the distal extent of the proximal ulnar segment.

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