Combined clotrimazole irrigation and depot therapy for canine nasal aspergillosis


To evaluate the effect of short duration 1 per cent clotrimazole flush when combined with 1 per cent clotrimazole cream instilled into the frontal sinuses for the treatment of nasal aspergillosis in 14 dogs.


Fourteen dogs with clinical, radiological, serological and rhinoscopic findings consistent with nasal aspergillosis were treated by frontal sinus trephination and a short, five-minute flushing of 1 per cent topical clotrimazole solution followed by a 1 per cent clotrimazole cream instilled as a depot agent.


Twelve of the 14 dogs (86 per cent) responded well to treatment and either had no clinical signs after treatment or had signs consistent with mild rhinitis during a minimum follow-up period of six months. Only one dog required multiple treatments. Treatment was well tolerated by all patients, with minimal complications.

Clinical relevance

This treatment compares favourably to previously published data using one-hour topical clotrimazole or enilconazole flushing treatment protocols. The treatment technique significantly reduced treatment time under anaesthesia.

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