Correction of pes varus deformity in a Miniature Dachshund by true spherical osteotomy with a dome saw blade


A 6-month-old male Miniature Dachshund was referred for examination and correction of a unilateral pes varus deformity. Clinical examination and diagnostic imaging revealed varus, procurvatum, and internal torsion of the distal aspect of the left tibia causing intermittent lameness. True spherical osteotomy performed with a dome-shaped saw allowed correction of the deformity in 3-D, and orthogonal internal plate fixation provided stabilization. No intraoperative or immediate postoperative complications developed. Outcome as judged by the clinician and the owners was satisfactory 2 weeks after surgery and excellent at each subsequent assessment. The patient remained free of clinical signs at the last follow-up 30 months after surgery.

Clinical relevance

To the authors’ knowledge, this case represented the first time a true spherical osteotomy was used to correct a pes varus deformity in a canine patient.

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