Folded flap palatoplasty for treatment of elongated soft palates in 55 dogs


To evaluate the safety and efficacy of the folded fl ap palatoplasty (FFP), a new surgical technique


Medical records (2004-2005) of all dogs which underwent a FFP were reviewed and included in the study. Recorded information included breed, gender, age, weight, duration of hospitalisation, and presence or absence of postoperative tracheostomy. Respiratory grading scores (1-3) were used to record the severity of the disease, before and after surgery, and at a minimum follow-up time of 180 days by detailed telephone interviews with the owners.


No intraoperative complications were encountered. A temporary tracheostomy was performed in six cases (10.9%). Two dogs died postoperatively, from tracheostomy complications and unknown cause after unremarkable recovery, respectively. Follow-up (379 ± 142 days) could be obtained for 40 dogs. Thirty-nine dogs (97.5%) showed improvement of respiratory clinical signs after surgery. Improvement of respiratory clinical signs was observed within 15 days after surgery in 85% of cases.

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