Linear-circular external skeletal fixation of intra-condylar humeral fractures with supracondylar comminution in four cats

Publication date 1st October 2011
Authors H. R. Silva, D. N. Clements, Russell Yeadon, Noel Fitzpatrick


Intra-condylar humeral fracture with supracondylar comminution in cats is rare, and the stabilisation for such fractures is challenging. The purpose of our study was to describe the use of a hybrid external skeletal fixator, and to report the complication


A retrospective review was per- formed of clinical, radiographic and surgical records of all cats with intra-condylar humeral fractures and non-reconstructable supra- condylar comminution stabilized by linear-cir- cular external skeletal fixator in two institu- tions between January 2005 and March 2010.


Four cats met the inclusion criteria of the study. All cases achieved fracture union and clinical outcome was considered excel- lent at the time of the final assessment (11 – 24 weeks).

Clinical relevance

This study demonstrates that a linear-circular fixator system can be used successfully in the management of intra-condy- lar humeral fractures with non-reconstructable supracondylar comminution in cats.