Magnetic resonance findings in a domestic short-hair cat with presumptive mucopolysaccharidosis

Publication date 12th November 2013
Authors R Fernandes, G B Cherubini, A Caine, V Palus


Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) are lysosomal storage diseases of humans and domestic animals generally inherited by an autosomal recessive trait. Affected animals are normal at birth but they then have progressive growth abnormalities and generally exhibit neurologic abnormalities. An 18-month-old female, neutered, domestic, short-hair cat presented for evaluation of progressive pelvic limb ataxia, generalised weakness and spinal hyperaesthesia. The result of a toluidine spot test indicated the presence of glycosaminoglycans in the urine. This result is strongly suggestive of MPS. The magnetic resonance abnormalities found are very similar to the abnormalities described in human medicine. This is the first case report where magnetic resonance findings in a patient with MPS are described in veterinary medicine.