Management of Humeral and Femoral Fractures in Dogs and Cats With Linear- Circular Hybrid External Skeletal Fixators


Linear-circular hybrid fixators were used to stabilize humeral and femoral fractures in 21 dogs and five cats. Twenty-two of 24 fractures with sufficient follow-up radiographic evaluation obtained union. Time to radiographic union ranged from 25 to 280 days (mean ± standard deviation [SD] 110±69 days; median 98 days). Eleven animals developed minor and two dogs developed major pin and/or wire tract inflammation. Functional outcome was rated as excellent (n=16), good (n=5), and fair (n=3) at the time of final long-term assessment (range 4.5 to 60.0 months; mean ± SD 28.4±15.4 months; median 28.5 months). Follow-up information was unavailable for two animals. Hybrid fixators were useful constructs for stabilization of humeral and femoral fractures, particular- ly fractures with short, juxta-articular fracture segments.

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