Tibial plateau levelling osteotomy in an alpaca

Publication date 1st June 2009
Authors T. J. Smith, N. M. Girad, J. O'Riordan


In this report, a case of cranial cruciate liga- ment (CrCL) rupture treated by tibial plateau levelling osteotomy (TPLO), in a 36-month- old male breeding alpaca, is described. The al- paca was presented with the complaint of acute onset of right pelvic limb lameness. The findings of our clinical and radiographic ex- aminations were consistent with CrCL insuffi- ciency of the right stifle joint. The right tibial plateau angle measured prior to surgery was 19°. A TPLO was performed and this elimin- ated cranial tibial thrust. Culture of a swab taken from the surgical site prior to wound closure was positive for Pseudomonas ae- ruginosa. Enrofloxacin was administered par- enterally for two weeks postoperatively. There were not any clinical signs of infection noted. Outcome assessments included veterinary examination (two and six weeks) and owner assessment (28 months). At two weeks the animal walked with a grade 2/5 lameness, and at six weeks radiographic examination showed progression of bone healing at the site of tibial osteotomy. A return to full breed- ing fitness occurred by eight weeks after the surgery. The alpaca remained free from lame- ness28monthslater,accordingtotheowner.