String-Of-Pearls Locking Plate and Cerclage Wire Stabilization of Periprosthetic Femoral Fractures after Total Hip Replacement in Six Dogs

Publication date 1st February 2011
Authors Noel Fitzpatrick, Christos Nikolaou, Russell Yeadon, Michael Hamilton


To report use of, and outcome after, string-of-pearls (SOPTM) plate and multiple cerclage wire fixation for treatment of periprosthetic femoral fractures (PFF) associated with total hip replacement (THR) in dogs.

Study design

Case series.




Clinical records (2005–2010) and radiographic evaluations of dogs that had PFF associated with THR, treated with a SOPTM plate and cerclage wires were retrospectively reviewed. Clinical and radiographic postoperative assess- ments were performed 4, 12, and 24 weeks postoperatively. Telephone follow-up was performed 4 12 months postoperatively.


Three fractures occurred intraoperatively and 3 occurred postopera- tively. One SOPTM failed at 2 weeks necessitating revision using 2 parallel SOPTM implants. One dog was euthanatized because of quadriceps muscle tie-down at 6 weeks. Other dogs were free of lameness with full range of motion of the stifle and hip joints at final clinical examination, and positive outcomes were main- tained at 4 12 month telephone questionnaire. There was no evidence of implant failure and positive evidence of fracture healing at final radiographic follow-up.


Stabilization resulted in bone healing in 5 dogs; failure in 1 dog may be attributable to technical error. Optimal technical guidelines for use of the SOPTM in this circumstance are unknown, particularly where fracture configuration varies.