What Is Your Neurologic Diagnosis?


A 1-year-old 24.8-kg neutered male Collie cross was referred for neurologic evaluation because of a 3-week history of right pelvic limb lameness that had progressed to ambulatory paraparesis. Radiography performed by the referring veterinarian revealed the presence of 8 lumbar vertebrae and mildly reduced muscle mass of the right pelvic limb. The other structures were radiographically unre-markable. Results of clinicopathologic analyses indicated that the dog had mildly high hemoglobin concentration, mildly low globulin concentration, and mildly high glucose concentration. Administration of meloxicama (0.1 mg/kg, PO, q 24 h for 1 week) and strict rest was recommended for the dog; with treatment, the owner perceived an improvement in the dog's comfort but fecal incontinence and weakness in both pelvic limbs had developed. On physical examination, the dog was very bright, alert, and responsive. No abnormalities were detected. Findings of thoracic auscultation were unremarkable. A neurologic examination was performed.

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