Our Facilities

Our world renowned practice is located in an idyllic, rural location in Surrey, providing an air of tranquility for visiting clients, the animals we treat and the staff who work here.

The practice was founded by Noel Fitzpatrick whose vision was to create an environment where it would be truly possible to marry compassionate care with excellence in veterinary medicine; a place which would allow the exchange of ideas rapidly and efficiently between human and animal medicine for the benefit of all; a place where it would be possible to push the boundaries of veterinary medicine to allow animals to regain pain free functional quality of life.

After many years of planning, consent was finally given for the conversion of three derelict barns to be developed into the magnificent facility that we see today and Noel’s dream became a reality.

During Noel’s childhood which he spent on a farm in Ireland, he was fascinated by what seemed to be an innate connection between anything that happened to a sheep or a dog and the same thing that happened to a human. It seemed strange to him that his uncle who only had one leg, surely had the same bones and tissues as a dog, and why could we not apply similar technology to treat all creatures? He was fascinated how biology worked and got a great exposure to biology as a child. His earliest childhood memory was failing to save a lamb that subsequently died and he promised himself that this would not happen again if he had enough knowledge and if he could apply that knowledge in a meaningful way. So, his aspiration all of his life has been to build a place such as Fitzpatrick Referrals where he can make things happen that would otherwise not be possible –to make a difference to the world and to change the way that science and biology move forward.

The practice opened in 2008 and provides the most advanced and innovative diagnostic and rehabilitation facilities for small animal neuro-orthopaedics in the UK.

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