Fitzpatrick Referrals celebrate Residents Miguel and Alex’s success in becoming EBVS® European Specialists in Small Animal Surgery

Published 20.02.15

After three years of dedicated training, several months of revision, learning a 2000 page surgical text from cover to cover and reading over 1200 scientific papers, Miguel Solano and Alex Caron, our surgical residents, sat down in the examination hall in Zurich earlier this month for the start of two days of intensive examinations with the hope of passing and becoming EBVS® European Specialists in Small Animal Surgery 

Miguel and Alex have worked tirelessly for nearly four years in preparation for these examinations and the practice erupted with jubilation when we got the results through last week confirming their hard work had paid off – they had passed the examinations with flying colours! We are so proud of both of them.

Alex has flown the Fitzpatrick’s nest and taken up a position back in his native France and we wish him well with all his endeavours over the coming years. Miguel will be staying with us here at Fitzpatrick Referrals and joining the Senior Surgeon team.

With Alex and Miguel leaving the residency programme we are delighted to see Susan Murphy and Pádraig Egan progress onto the Fitzpatrick Referrals Residency Programme with a similar ambition of becoming qualified EBVS® European Specialists in Small Animal Surgery.