Veterinary auxiliary holding bandages

Meet the Auxiliaries of Fitzpatrick Referrals

Published 27.08.16

Meet the team – Auxiliaries

Our team of auxiliaries provide dedicated care to each and every patient admitted to Fitzpatrick Referrals and all work tirelessly to deliver the very best in veterinary care.

We are fortunate to have three teams of auxiliaries: ward, prep and surgical . They took time out of their very busy schedules to explain more about their role and why it matters to them! A special thanks goes to those who shared their thoughts.

It is important to be able to think on your feet and remain one step ahead at all times to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Every day is a learning process where you add and refine your skills.

Ward Auxiliary

Ward Auxiliary Pat

Our ward auxiliaries walk, feed, clean, and groom the patients during their stay at the practice. This is both a clinical and hands-on role—from running bloods to handling the animals. Responsibilities can vary hugely depending on the patient’s specific requirements, as each patient has unique physical and emotional needs.

Auxiliary caring for a patient in the wards at Fitzpatrick Referrals.

No one day is the same, it is a constant learning curve. To be a prep auxiliary you must thrive under pressure and be willing to work hard to constantly perform. Although it can be a challenge at times, it’s extremely rewarding.

Prep Auxiliary

Prep Auxiliary Becky

Our prep auxiliaries have thorough, technical knowledge of the equipment in surgical theatres to prepare for each surgery. They ensure infection control protocol is adhered to for the safeguarding of our patients. This is incredibly important with the use of implants and prostheses due to the nature of Fitzpatrick Referrals’ revolutionary surgical techniques.

From caring for the animal in the pre-operative stage to handling the animal just for reassurance, our prep auxiliaries are directly involved in the treatment process of the patient.

As a practice, Fitzpatrick Referrals is on the cusp of veterinary innovation. The constant development of new surgical techniques requires prep auxiliaries to continuously learn and remain up to speed. The ability to take the initiative and adapt to changing conditions is fundamental. Everyone at Fitzpatrick Referrals has the same understanding – when knowledge is shared both the patient and the team benefits.

Prep Auxiliary Becky

Surgical Auxiliary Helen

Prep Auxiliary Helen setting up the preparatory room for surgery at Fitzpatrick Referrals.

Owning the critical task of overseeing all of the surgical instruments and the practice’s most valuable equipment is a demanding job – that is why we have a dedicated surgical auxiliary role which is unique to Fitzpatrick Referrals.

The surgical auxiliary role is unique to Fitzpatrick Referrals and was born out of a growing demand for expert care for their constantly expanding inventory of specialist instruments. The surgical auxiliaries carry the huge responsibility of being some of the only personnel who have the authority to handle some of the practice’s most valuable equipment.

Surgical Auxiliary Kathy

Due to the specialist surgeries some of our patients undergo, our clinicians have developed different methods of performing the same surgery which then involves different equipment for the same procedure. Our surgical auxiliaries do a fantastic job in developing a detailed knowledge of each clinician’s techniques by frequently communicating with the clinicians to understand their specific requirements.

Fitzpatrick Referrals searches out those who are genuinely compassionate about animals. They understand that the tools and skills needed for the job can be taught along the way, but to truly care for an animal’s wellbeing is an inbuilt quality.

Surgical technician handling surgical equipment
Surgical Auxiliary Cathy preparing kit for surgery at Fitzpatrick Referrals.