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About Our pharmacy team is on hand to ensure our clinicians have access to all the medications and supplies that patients may need during their visit, from surgery and post-op recovery, as well as providing you with repeat prescriptions once at home if needed. Throughout the day, the pharmacy team provides each patient with appropriate […]

Surgical Technicians

About Our surgical technicians are responsible for the critical task of overseeing all of the surgical instruments in the practice, including some of the practice’s most valuable equipment. They are the team in charge of cleaning, packaging, and sterilising surgical instruments. They are also responsible for properly maintaining this specialist equipment, keeping an inventory, and […]

Prep Veterinary Care Assistants

About The prep veterinary case assistants work closely with our prep nursing team and are integral to the efficient and smooth flow of patients through our prep area, where animals have investigations performed and are prepared for surgery. They are also friendly faces to our patients, providing them with some reassuring comfort and fuss before […]

Ward Veterinary Care Assistants

About Our ward veterinary care assistants (VCAs) are responsible for the dedicated care of all the patients who are admitted to the practice. It is their role to ensure that each patient’s stay is comfortable and their environment is a haven of healing. The ward VCA team walk, feeds, cleans and grooms patients whilst they […]

Neurology Nurse

About The role of the neurology nurse is to assist the neurology clinicians, residents, and interns in caring for the patients. When our patients arrive at the practice, they have a neurology consultation with the clinical team and a full neurological examination to establish what the problem is and to see if any further diagnostics […]

Prep Nurses

About Fitzpatrick Referrals prep nurse team is the first point of contact your animal will have following their consultation with the clinician. The prep nurse team has an extremely important role in your animal’s care during their journey through the hospital from admission until the ward nurse team continue their care. Our prep nurses’ responsibilities […]


About The hydrotherapy team is made up of hard-working, caring individuals, with a passion for improving the wellbeing of our patients’ lives. The team is led by our Senior Hydrotherapist Amie Slade, who has over 16 years’ experience working at Fitzpatrick Referrals. All of our hydrotherapists have an ABC Level 3 Canine Hydrotherapy qualification as […]


About The physiotherapy team, managed by Fiona Doubleday, consists of seven dedicated Category A ACPAT physiotherapists (Association of Chartered Therapists in Animal Therapy) who offer a wealth of experience in veterinary physiotherapy. We offer an inpatient service that attends to the rehabilitation needs of the patients referred to us during their hospital stay either post […]

Clinical Nurse Leads

About At Fitzpatrick Referrals, we have a team of five clinical nurse leads who are experienced, senior members of the nursing team. They are the “go-to person” for the members of the team that they directly line manage. They lead the veterinary nurses and veterinary care assistants by motivating them to contribute to the practice […]

Ward Nurses

About We have a dedicated team of ward nurses at Fitzpatrick Referrals who are responsible for providing round-the-clock care to each and every patient who is referred to us. Throughout the day and night our nurses provide each and every patient with every aspect of nursing care required to support them during their recovery period. […]


Our advanced diagnostic imaging (ADI) department comprises a team of four radiographers who are responsible for running our CT and MRI scanners. Our radiographers have all completed training to degree level in the human diagnostic imaging field and have acquired a wealth of experience across both NHS and private healthcare before making the move to […]


Our team of interns is made up of veterinary surgeons that have decided to devote one year of their life to working at Fitzpatrick Referrals with the sole aim of improving their understanding of canine and feline orthopaedics and neurosurgery. The team rotates through the hospital, working in kennels caring for the inpatients, in the […]