Tibial plateau levelling osteotomy locking-compression plates for stabilisation of canine and feline ilial body fractures


To evaluate the clinical and radiographic outcomes following surgical stabilisation of ilial fractures in dogs and cats using a laterally applied Synthes TPLO locking compression plate.


Medical records and radiographs of seven dogs and two cats which had undergone surgical repair of an ilial body fracture with a TPLO locking compression plate were reviewed. Long-term clinical follow-up was obtained from an owner or referring veterinarian questionnaire.


Fracture reduction was anatomic in six of nine ilia and near-anatomic in three of nine. All but one fracture achieved osseous union by 6 weeks after surgery. No screw loosening or implant-related complications occurred in any patient. There was pelvic canal narrowing in six of nine patients (median reduction in pelvic canal diameter was 4·9%). No intraoperative or postoperative complications were reported.

Clinical relevance

Lateral plating of canine and feline ilial fractures with a Synthes TPLO locking compression plate was associated with a low complication rate and satisfactory radiographic and clinical outcomes in this small case series.

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