Case studies

In this series of cases studies we show what makes Fitzpatrick Referrals so special. Each case follows the story of some of our patients from initial consultation, through diagnosis , treatment and rehabilitation.

Della was rescued by her owners when she was just 11 months old, her start in life had been undeservedly tough. It was obvious glancing at her thin body she had been treated badly, her skin and coat were in a terrible situation and she was suffering with a phantom pregnancy. Despite all her hardship Della was a loving, friendly dog who feasted on the love and attention showered on her by her new owners. Della’s agility career started when she was 15 months old and it is safe to say she took to it like a duck to water. During her first year of competition she progressed to senior level, an...

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Milo was presented by his owners to Alex, our second year surgical resident, with an injury to his left hind limb. His owners suspected he jumped off the top of his cage and landed awkwardly. Radiographs revealed a fracture of Milo’s femur. The radiographs revealed an oblique, closed, severely displaced mid-diaphyseal left femoral fracture. Multiple fissure lines are seen in the distal fragment; including a transcondylar one. Surgical repair of the fracture was performed with a lateral 2.4mm Synthes locking plate in combination with a cranial 2.0mm compression screw...

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Winston was brought all the way from Budapest to Fitzpatrick Referrals in August 2011.  He had been diagnosed with hip displaysia as a young dog and by the time he was only two years old he had visible signs and was stiff and uncomfortable.

Winston's owners live in Budapest and have access to wonderfully skilled veterinary care, however the type of surgery which is available in this country is still rare in Hungary and Winston's owner, Amanda wanted the surgery to be performed in a practice where this was routine.

Viktor, Winston’s primary care vet, undertook extensive...

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Indy Lessemun is a seven year old Border Collie, National and Crufts obedience champion.  His kennel club name is CH Rockin Indy-Go OW Cex.

Indy was brought to Fitzpatrick Referrals on 18 July when four days previously, he had turned suddenly to fetch a ball and become instantly unstable on all four limbs.  He was taken to his primary care practice and on examination, was found to have spasm of the neck musculature, his front and back legs were stiff and extended and he was in severe pain.

Indy’s owner, Claire Porter had requested that Indy was referred to Fitzpatrick...

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"Rascal has already had a hip replacement couple of years ago done by Noel. All went well but unfortunately the other hip was very bad. October 2010 became quite bad for Rascal, struggling to walk and walk upstairs. A trip to vet confirmed that his hip was playing up again.

My vet put him on medication, pain relief injections and so on. This went on for several months and it became easier for him but unfortunately in June 2011 it became clear that his hip was really bad and he was clearly in pain. 
Steriods were not working and he was also gaining a...
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