Cookie learns to walk

Cookie is special puppy. She was born paralysed and was rescued and rehomed by Many Tears Rescue (watch video here  – note, Cookie was originally called Mocca). It takes an extraordinary person to adopt a disabled dog and Cookie was exceptionally lucky with her new family who not only gave her a home but have done everything they can to help Cookie enjoy a normal life. They brought Cookie to the Neurology team at Fitzpatricks and an MRI scan revealed that the cause of Cookie’s problem was a large cyst pressing on her spinal cord.

The cyst was removed by neurosurgeon Clare Rusbridge aided by neurology resident Anna Tauro and since the surgery Cookie has been getting progressively stronger.

The MRI images below show the extent of the pathology around Cookie’s spinal cord. The fluid filled cyst, which appears bright white on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), was compressing the spinal cord and affecting the nerve impulses to Cookie’s hind limbs. An MRI image of a normal section of spinal cord is included to show the how much of Cookie’s spinal cord was being compressed.

However, surgery is only one step in getting Cookie walking and her dedicated family continue her extensive physiotherapy regime including hydrotherapy. Cookie also has go-faster wheels! Orthopets have kindly donated a KERDOG rehabilitation cart. This innovative cart allows the dog to push pedals which turn the wheels. As well as providing greater freedom the cart helps to strengthen the back legs. Go Cookie go!!

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